🎓 Ending a chapter

Recently I finished my final disseration documents! I still have to read them again and again in order to find some typos, but, for the most part… it’s done! I have been waiting for a long time for this to come. It really is a bittersweet feeling knowing that my academic journey is about to end, yet I am really excited for what’s to come in the future. I hope that, in the next update, I am fully graduated!


💙 SINFO on the works

In other news, and following recent updates, the SINFO ‘machine’ is moving at a really fast pace! Obviously, given the circumstances, the team is trying to keep focused on adapting the event to this new reality we’re living in. Nevertheless, we will be sharing exciting news in the weeks to come — stay tuned and follow SINFO’s social networks (@sinfoist)!


🌾 Country side

I assume this has become a part of my monthly update, but I really do like giving travelling tips and guides. These past weeks I have spent some days on my grandparents’s house, which is on the country side, near Montemor-o-Novo. It is a really special place for me — this will sound like a cliché, but it is just a really quiet place and gives me space and time to think about life. Moreover, I can really relax and recover from the past exhausting weeks. Not mentioning that my grandma is the best cook I have (and problaly will ever) know.

That being said, I know some really cool spots around that area that you should definitly visit:

  • Castelo de Montemor-o-Novo - the most known sightseeing in the city, sitting atop the big hill that gives the city its name. Curious fact: the castle was partially destroyed by the 1755 Lisbon earthquake, but it pretty much resisted the French invasion in the Peninsular War!
  • Ermida de Nossa Senhora da Visitação - breathtaking views from the city and the region — you must go there if you visit the city!
  • Gruta do Escoural - a cave known for its Paleolithic-era rock-art and funerary burial site; just keep in mind this is a few km away from Montemor itself, but totally worth the visit
  • Ecopista do Montado - a bikepath that streches 13km and sits on the old train branch from Torre da Gadanha to Montemor. Bring time, energy and enjoy the awesome views!
  • Palacete da Real Companhia do Cacau - if you’re planning to stay for the night, this is the place to go — it is the only hotel in the world that also has a chocolate factory!

If you’re planning to have a meal in between your sightseeing, here are some great local restaurants I have eaten at and fully recommend:

  • O Cortiço - probably my favorite restaurant ever — the best migas (cilantro, acorn, or asparagus), “secretos” and a delicious honeycomb and mint ice cream desert. It is located in Portugal’s own ‘Route 66’, N2!
  • A Ribeira - great grilled meats and migas
  • O Parque dos Leitões - if you’re into roasted piglet, this is the place to go
  • Quinta do Areeiro - awesome views, friendly staff and great “Cozido à Portuguesa”!
  • Raiz & Tradição - a gorumet (and, thus, more pricey) side of the Alentejo cousine, yet totally worth it for both the food and the atmosphere!


🏋🏻‍♂️ Hitting the gym

Recently I have also been going to the gym on an (almost) daily basis! I can’t help but feel like I am Frank Underwood whilst I am on the rowing machine. Nevertheless, it really helps to clear my head after a long day of work.



P.S — This page was inspired by the ‘Now’ page project. The cover photo was shot by me on my grandparents’ house.